Castro was born around 1972 in Ohio. The first step of Castro in the Fashion World was designing prêt-à-porter for woman but without his goals achieved, he tried to reinvent himself and decided to go for jewelry design. Paris 2008 was his first notable success in the jewelry design where Nabohuko Sato who is the designer of the prestigious Japanese firm Label six was nice and the Castro’s discoverer.


His excellent and exquisite work is being his best argument to be in the top of the jewelry designers.

Castro makes his dreams and inspirations to create his pieces, regarding his pieces this is his statement: “When it comes to materials, there is not rules to follow… only creativity.”

He did collaborations with other designers as Brandon Sun, Asger Juel Larson or David Anderson. His pieces have graced the covers of Vogue America, Vogue Mexico, Marie Claire and as if magazine as well. Also his creations were shown in the movie “Out of the furnace”.

Our clientele are people with exclusive and excellent criteria that include Steven Tyler, Whoopi Goldberg, and Billy Gibbons… among others.


He is currently working and living in New York City. All his artistic pieces are made in his atelier located in the Upper East Side, Manhattan.


Photo : Hollis King